Daimler Truck North America Invests in Clean Transportation Technology in Portland

On Friday, May 10, Daimler Truck North America (DTNA) announced two significant investments at its headquarters complex on Swan Island. The company will invest $40 million for a new engineering facility and $3 million for a new electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) training center which will be located adjacent to Electric Island at DTNA’s campus.

The EVSE training center is funded in part by a $1.5 million forgivable loan authorized by Prosper Portland’s Board of Directors on Tuesday, May 7, while the DTNA engineering facility will receive a five-year tax abatement via the Enterprise Zone (E-Zone) program in addition to a $700,000 forgivable loan from the State of Oregon’s Strategic Reserve fund.

Prosper Portland Executive Director Kimberly Branam said, “We’re excited by today’s announcement. As a major employer, corporate leader, and close partner for decades, DTNA is once again demonstrating its commitment growing future-ready jobs in advanced manufacturing, engineering, and design in our city. This decision underscores Portland’s position as a leader for green innovation and the deployment of DTNA’s cutting-edge technology will have positive impacts around the world.”

To read the full press release from DTNA, click here.