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Designing for the Future of Energy

Join us for an exciting event where we explore the innovative world of energy design! Discover how cutting-edge technologies are shaping the future of sustainable, energy efficient building design. From distributed energy resources, energy management solutions, and battery storage, experts will share their insights on the latest opportunities and trends. The event will be held at 151 Southwest 1st Avenue, Portland, OR, USA. Mark your calendars and get ready to dive into the fascinating world of energy design!

Speaker Bios-

Karina Hershberg, Senior Associate, PAE

Passionate about sustainability, Karina has 15 years of experience with systems modeling, data analysis and electrical engineering for high performance buildings and renewable energy systems. She brings a unique perspective to her dual roles in analysis and engineering at PAE. Through data-driven analytics and innovative design, Karina helps projects implement regenerative and resilient solutions. She leads the development of microgrid design, emissions analysis, and campus-scale solutions for the firm and is a regional leader for PAE’s Regenerative Design Group.

Isaac Barrow, Commercial Offerings Manager, PGE

Isaac is distinguished by his passion for implementing innovative and collaborative solutions to complex problems. Leading the Commercial Offerings team for Portland General Electric, Isaac works at the intersection of the built environment and the grid, advancing how PGE serves its customers in the development world and implementing solutions that help customers and the utility decarbonize and meet tomorrow’s challenges. Fluent in French and having spent large portions of his life overseas and in the developing world, Isaac knows that sustainable and equitable growth is key to ensuring a prosperous and inclusive future for all. Having graduated from Portland State, and with one daughter at U of O and another at Grant High School, the Pacific Northwest is very much home.

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