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Meeting the Future with Innovation: Water Utility GMs Share their Success.

Water agency managers are being asked to manage water better, save money, and reduce their carbon footprint. Hear two success stories.

Water utilities are starting to connect the dots between pressure and flow management, water loss and climate change, and between water and energy. Learn why managing our carbon footprint is a critical topic for people managing water agencies. Join us in this webinar to hear from two water utilities that adopted innovation while increasing efficiencies – and offset their carbon footprint while generating energy. What are you doing to address these challenges?

This is a rare chance to hear from experts in water management, including water veteran Mary Ann Dickinson, Founder and President of Association for Water Efficiency. This webinar will use Zoom.

In the Pacific Northwest, two water agencies sought to increase efficiency and build resilience. The solution they chose is an innovative, new smart micro-hydro system that generates electricity by harvesting excess pressure from their municipal water lines. In Mount Vernon, WA, the system helps Skagit PUD address its sustainability goals by eliminating 3.5 million pounds of fossil-fuel-based carbon emissions while generating over 100,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and providing pressure management (and saving ratepayers money).

In Hillsboro, Oregon the system allows managers to effectively manage water while offsetting 5 million lbs. of CO2 over its operating life while generating 200,000 kWh of electricity per year that is then fed back into the grid, offsetting the city’s high cost of energy and helping power the lights, concessions, and charging fleets at a local municipal stadium complex.

Who should attend

Water utility managers, directors, board members. Innovative leadership.
Managers responsible for meeting sustainability/climate goals.
Government agencies and water districts.

What you’ll learn

See the relationship between flow management and climate change.
Offset your carbon footprint and meet new sustainability goals.
Recover energy and use it to reduce your energy costs.
ZOOM link will be posted here a week before the event.

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