Mini Grants Available for Attending Distributech and ACT Expo Trade Shows

In 2023, Prosper Portland’s Green Cities Liaison, along with other partners, will visit two U.S.-based climate tech trade shows, and we are looking for interested companies to join us.

Prosper Portland is offering a small grant to reimburse companies for the cost of trade show tickets, airfare, transportation or other marketing costs. In exchange for the grant, companies must fill out a brief questionnaire six months after the event to report on its impact on the company’s business development efforts.

Fill out this JotForm to apply and view more details below.

Mini Grant Details

Grant amount per company: Each company can get $1,000 reimbursable grant per person for trade show costs for up to two representatives from the company. Max amount per company is $2,000 for two representatives. A company can send one representative to one trade show and one representative to the second trade show if they stay under the $2,000 max.

Allowable Costs: Hotel, flight, marketing materials and trade show tickets.

Method of payment: Reimbursable grant either via check or ACH with submittal of proof of payment for eligible expenses.

Requirements for grant eligibility

  • Company must complete application within 30 days of the date of the trade show.
  • Company must fill out an application detailing their goals for attending either the ACT Expo or Distributech trade show and verifying they understand the terms of the grant agreement.
  • Company must be registered in the State of Oregon and have a City of Portland Business License.
  • Business cannot operate as a sole proprietor.
  • Company most have one of the following:
    • Headquarters in Portland
    • North American office or regional office Portland

Grantee requirements

  • Company must sign a grant agreement agreeing to conditions for the reimbursable grant.
  • Attend a pre-trade show meeting to review goals and meet other attendees.
  • Six months after the trade show, company must fill out a business growth questionnaire. You will be asked questions about whether you achieved your goals at the trade show and to quantify approximate number of meetings and potential sales that have resulted from contacts made at the event. We will not ask for names or company contacts, just a report back on progress made on identifying leads and contacts.

Grantee Selection

  • Company must be able to articulate business development goals for the specific trade show they plan to attend in grant application.
  • If companies meet grant eligibility requirements, grantees will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • If at some point, grant requests exceed the budget by 25%, Prosper Portland reserves the right to convene an evaluation panel, communicate the new process and criteria to applicants, and ask for additional information if necessary.