Portland-based Axiom Custom Shifts Focus to Provide Products that Limit Transmission 

 Axiom Custom is a Portland design-led fabrication shop that specializes in custom, curated craftsmanship. It provides start-to-finish services for design and build activations, retail experiences, architectural environments, furniture and fixtures—anything that can be experienced in the real world. 

Since the start of the pandemic crisis, Axiom has shifted its focus to design and build solutions for local businesses and organizations to help limit transmission of the virus, such as stand-alone dividers,  point of sale (POS) sneeze guards, hands-free door openers, door and window inserts, and concierge desks. Axiom believes that we’ll get through this together, and that the company’s greatest impact is in supporting its own community. Axiom has pivoted its operations to help the city’s beloved small businesses and nonprofit organizations to re-open their doors safely. Axiom recognizes that many solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all, so if you need any products beyond this list, please reach out by email to Anna Fulton, anna@axiomcustom.com to place orders or discuss ways to customize solutions to fit your needs. Axiom Custom is here and happy to help.  

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