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Portland–Based Manufacturer to Supply High Capability Tooling for the World’s Most Powerful Offshore Wind Turbine

Portland, Ore., August 25, 2021 – AcraDyne, the manufacturing division of AIMCO — a provider of Global Assembly and Critical Bolting Tooling solutions for the Automotive, Electronics, Aerospace, Energy Services, Agriculture and General Assembly Industries — announced today it was recently awarded several contracts to supply AcraDyne high capability “smart” tooling on all critical fastening applications for the world’s largest wind turbine which will be manufactured by GE in St. Nazaire, France and Jieyang, China.

Newly Developed 14 MW GE Haliade-X Turbine
The newly developed 14 MW GE Haliade-X Turbine was designed for offshore wind farms. The turbine features a 14 MW, a 220-meter rotor, and its height of 248 meters measures close to the height of the Eiffel Tower. One rotation can power one UK household for two days. The longer blades, bigger rotor, and higher capacity factor makes Haliade-X less sensitive to wind speed variations, generating more power at low wind speeds.

AcraDyne Serves Multiple Applications
AcraDyne offers the most complete portfolio of high capability bolting and critical fastening solutions for the wind industry. Bolting and maintenance in wind turbines means working with large tools in cramped quarters. Tool operators need to complete the work quickly and efficiently, but also need to remain safe while doing so.

AcraDyne HT DC Nutrunner’s offer many unique tool configurations, providing flexibility in limited-space applications for operator use. Multiple handle styles ensure the safest, most ergonomic tool for the specific application. An optional dual-lever design helps prevent operator injury. The dual lever two-hand operation with a no tie down feature requires the operator to use both hands on the trigger simultaneously. This eliminates the possibility of accidental tool start, keeping both operator’s hands out of harm’s way.

For continuous duty applications that require higher torques greater than 5,000 Nm, AcraDyne offers the Extreme Duty High Torque Series covering torque ranges from 5,000 – 17,000 Nm.

Outmaneuvering Hydraulics
Traditionally, hydraulic tools have been used to fasten blade bolts because of their high working torque and power-to-weight ratio. However, hydraulic tools are heavy and slow, and applications may require better accuracy than hydraulic tools can deliver. The AcraDyne HT DC Nutrunner System provides faster speed and more accurate results than hydraulic tools. AcraDyne’s Gen IV Controller will command any tool in the AcraDyne line from 1 Nm to 17,000 Nm, all with one cable. The transducerized closed-loop system measures traceable, dynamic torque directly at the tools square drive, and the built-in transducer ensures accurate torque values. The torque reported is the torque delivered. This makes AcraDyne tools some of the most accurate high-torque tools in the world.

A Strong Partnership
AIMCO has been servicing and supporting GE since the startup of the GE/Alstom wind turbine production plant in St Nazaire, France in 2013. AIMCO’s AcraDyne HT Controlled tools were chosen for GE’s initial project because of their unique features and technical capabilities that outperformed the competition. Since then, AIMCO has established a worldwide and long-term partnership with GE and provides tooling for critical bolting applications at GE’s main factories in Florida, Brazil, Germany, France, and India.

Founded in 1970, AIMCO is a global marketer and manufacturer, offering the most complete portfolio of critical fastening solutions to meet the needs of customers serving in the Motor Vehicle, AG/Off Road, Energy Services, Aerospace, Electronics, and General Assembly industries.

AcraDyne, the manufacturing division of AIMCO, produces a complete line of DC Controlled Tools as well as custom-built multiple spindle systems ranging from approximately 1 to 17,000 Nm. All AcraDyne DC controlled corded tools and controllers are Made in USA.

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