Electric Vehicle Workforce Report for Oregon & Washington

Both Oregon and Washington have set ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets and taken a variety of actions to meet their broader climate goals. To continue to work towards those objectives, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the share of electric vehicles on our roads has to increase dramatically. The increase in the share of electric vehicles, in turn, requires more companies producing these vehicles and their components, and a trained workforce that can help companies to meet their production goals. This report suggests that Oregon and Washington are well positioned to attract new business in the electric vehicle field and prepare the workforce for the growing electrification of transportation, and, in this way, continue to work towards meeting their climate goals.

Oregon and Washington are off to a good start in preparing for the electrification of transportation for the following reasons:
• Drivers in the Pacific Northwest have proven to be among the early adopters. In fact, the market share of sold electric vehicles in 2018 was higher in Washington and Oregon than in any other state, except for California.
• The barriers to production are significantly lower for electric motor vehicles than for traditional cars, buses, and trucks. In other words, the growing adoption of electric vehicles by consumers creates more and more opportunities for new businesses to enter the EV field.
• As this report shows, both Oregon and Washington already have significant industry and occupational infrastructure related to the electric motor vehicle supply chain. Moreover, there are plenty of regional businesses and workers that could take advantage of the lower entry barriers in EV production.
• By engaging the existing and emerging businesses, and by working with key partners in the education sector, Oregon and Washington can design and implement policies and initiatives that help the workforce to prepare for the electrification of transportation. Simply put, together with other stakeholders in the field, Oregon and Washington can create a comprehensive workforce-development strategy that leads to a more equitable and more sustainable economy.

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